Women’s Policy

Women and girls are literally the foundation of our society. Women give and nurture life, as well as provide, protect and lead within families, organizations, communities and our greater society. Yet, women still face unique challenges to be able to fully live, thrive and contribute. When we remove the barriers for women to thrive, we remove the limitations on our society.   

Following are the priorities I believe will remove barriers and create limitless opportunities for women, and thus our communities. I will fight, with women and in community, for the following outcomes: 

  1. Ensure access to quality healthcare and health equity, including the broad array of quality reproductive health and mental health services
  2. Support and protect victims of domestic violence
  3. Create access to affordable housing for women and families 
  4. Support career exposure, exploration and preparation for our changing workforce
  5. Require pay equity for all employees and strengthen employer benefits, including scheduling flexibility 
  6. Protect and prepare women against harassment in the workplace and in the community
  7. Support and protect domestic workers
  8. Support and remove barriers to entrepreneurship and access to capital
  9. Explore and study the benefits of direct cash payments (universal income) and other pilot programs for income stability 

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