"Leading With Action: Serving Ward 5’s LGBTQ+ Neighbors"

I recognize that many of our LGBTQ+ neighbors face daily challenges just to live peaceful, productive lives. Some of these challenges are local and well within the grasp of our local elected officials, while others are national – even global – in scope. The breadth of the challenges we face require a councilmember who has demonstrated a commitment to thoughtful, consistent, and collaborative representation and leadership. We must work together to create an environment in which our LGBTQ+ neighbors are not just surviving, but are a part of the thriving and prospering community we want for all of our neighbors. 

As Ward 5’s next Councilmember, I intend to bring these values with me as I legislate and provide oversight on behalf of the LGBTQ+ community. Here are some of my initial proposals to support the LGBTQ+ community:

  • Protecting the Transgender Community, Especially Trans People of Color
  • Create a LGBTQ+ Advisory Group
  • Protect Our LGBTQ+ Youth
  • End the HIV/AIDS Crisis in the District
  • Secure Housing for All  – Ending the LGBTQ+ Homelesness Crisis 
  • Work on an Adoption Tax Credit, Inclusive of LGBTQ+ Parents
  • Build a Safe, Accessible, and Dignified Economy for All
  • Commit to a Diverse Council Staff

Beyond my values and intentions, I actually have the qualifications, experience and knowledge of how to do what I propose. As DC’s Ombudsman for Public Education, Chief Student Advocate, Executive Director of Thrive by Five and the Director of the Mayor’s Office of Community Affairs, I know what questions to ask, how to get the answers, and how to deliver solutions. I have been in the community, doing the work, in partnership with neighbors and colleagues, for more than a decade. 

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