Violence Prevention
Public Safety

"Bringing a sense of safety back to our neighborhoods, with a holistic approach that includes disrupting violence and building a close-knit community. "

The trauma and lingering effects of community violence and issues of public safety impact us all, whether we are the victim, the perpetrator or a part of the larger community. A chronic lack of targeted investments and the inability to respond in a holistic way to the needs of communities has brought us to where we are today. 

As your councilmember, I want to work with you to create a Ward and city where we can: 

  1. Address the root causes of violence and crime and focus on holistic, community-centered solutions; 
  2. Invest in prevention, intervention and appropriate responses
  3. Ensure that we have an adequate police force that can effectively serve our community; investing in training and best practices to reduce harm caused by police and continuing to modernize our police force to enable positive partnerships with the community
  4. Refocus our systems on a more people-centered approach to violence and public safety
  5. Balance our public safety funding to include more robust violence interrupter staffing and community intervention programming. 

To learn more about Faith’s comprehensive violence prevention and public safety policies, click here.

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