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Faith has served in many roles, both inside and outside of government:

✔ Started career as a 7th and 8th grade language arts teacher
✔ Worked in the non-profit sector focused on education
✔ Served as the President of the Ward Five Council on Education
✔ Appointed to serve as a Library Trustee on the DC Public Library Board of Trustees
✔ Appointed by the DC State Board of Education to be the first Chief Student Advocate for the District of Columbia and establish the DC Office of the Student Advocate
✔ Served as the Interim Ombudsman for Public Education
✔ Appointed as the first Executive Director of Thrive by Five DC and establish the Thrive by Five Coordinating Council
✔ Appointed as the Director the Mayor’s Office of Community Affairs
✔ Served in various community roles and civic organization boards.


Bachelor of Arts, Communications/Journalism
Georgia State University

Master of Public Administration
Old Dominion University

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Public Administration and Affairs
Virginia Tech

My name is Faith Gibson Hubbard and I’m running to represent our community as the Ward 5 DC Councilmember.

Forty-one years ago, my mother named me Faith. She was a young, single mother who was told that she could not live out her dreams with a baby in tow. But she had faith that together, with our community around us, we could make it through. So, she named me Faith.

Like so many other mothers with similar stories, she was right – we made it through with community at the core. And because of her sacrifice, I, Faith Gibson Hubbard, daughter of a single mother, mother of two, wife of Drew, stand ready to serve you as your Ward 5 Councilmember.

I am a passionate advocate, educator, organizer, public servant, and community builder. I have been a teacher and a community convener. I have seen our most pressing issues from inside our government, and I have pushed from the outside as the President of the Ward 5 Education Council. I have led the Mayor’s Office of Community Affairs, seeing firsthand not only the strengths of our city’s government, but also how it can be improved to better serve all residents. My work as an educator and community builder runs deep: I was the first executive director of Thrive By Five DC, the first Chief Student Advocate and served as the Interim Ombudsman for Public Education, as well as a member of the DC Public Library Board of Library Board of Trustees and a member on the Regional Board of Directors for Reading Partners DC. I am a former middle school teacher and a mother with two children attending a DCPS school.

With a community first agenda, I believe that we together can preserve the legacy and beauty of our Ward 5 and build a future that reflects each of us. I believe in the power of our Ward 5 community, and I believe in the power of each of us coming together to make sure every family and resident can thrive here for generations to come. Serving the Ward 5 community and DC is a privilege, not a right, and I would be proud to serve each of you.

I have sat at the table with our families and listened to their stories. I have a track record of success working in our community to craft lasting solutions that make Ward 5 and DC stronger. I am running for the Ward 5 Council seat because I believe that together, with political courage and community connection, we can meet these challenges. I believe that with our collective power, we can tackle the issues ahead of us. I believe that we can have strong systems of education, equitable economic development, housing affordability, and improved safety — and foster the community we all deserve.

I know what accountability looks like and I am ready to bring that to our community and then straight to the Wilson Building, as I have always done in my service to DC. I am willing and ready to work for you, Ward 5, because this is my home. I have faith in all of you and I am asking all of you to have faith in me because with Faith, all things are possible!

Together we can make a difference.
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