Housing Affordability

"Affordable and sustainable housing is a fundamental right and helps to provide a foundation for communities to thrive."

The beauty of our Ward 5 is in the diversity of our neighborhoods and the residents who live here. Safe, affordable, sustainable, quality housing is a fundamental right and provides a foundation for communities to thrive, with shared prosperity. 

We must prioritize housing affordability to meet the unique needs of all Ward 5 residents by:

  • Prioritizing low-income options for affordable units for rent
  • Strengthening Safety Net Programs to Eliminate Housing Insecurity and Displacement 
  • Enabling long-time residents to age in place
  • The Creation of Distinct Funding for Workforce Housing 
  • Expanding first-time homebuyers programs for multiple income levels and capacities
  • Supporting programs designed to help residents progress in their homeownership and stay in the city

To read the full platform on this issue, click here.

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