"Preparing our residents for a changing workforce, with a focus on education from birth throughout life."

We all want our children to have access to a quality public education, to develop into critical thinkers, problem-solvers and productive citizens. We also want our adult residents to continue to grow in their skills and education, to be able to adapt to changing workforce needs and technologies for everyday life.  Let’s work together for:

  • Quality early learning – access to city’s wide array of resources of early childhood supports including affordable child care and a living wage for our child care workforce
  • Predictable pathways from K-12th grade, with consistency of quality, and access to resources
  • Family partnerships – building capacity for schools and parents to engage so we can access the value of parents’ expertise
  • Leveraging the experience and knowledge of our educators in decision-making
  • Connections from high school to post-secondary education and training, and connections to the needs of employers
  • Student safety – safe passage and preventing violence inside of school buildings
  • Mental health support capacity for students and parents
  • Supporting seniors with training to be able to access systems that require using technology

Lets build coalitions that leverage our residents’ knowledge and our city’s ample resources to help our communities thrive.

Together we can make a difference.
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Brian McNamee, Treasurer
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