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I had the privilege of working closely with Faith when she led Thrive by Five and later when she led the Mayor’s Office of Community Affairs. When I served as the Director of the Mayor’s Office of LGBTQ Affairs, Faith reached out to make sure that our community had a voice and was reflected in the Thrive by Five initiative, as well as the Maternal and Infant Health Summit. When she led the Office of Community Affairs, Faith fully supported my efforts to expand LGBTQ Affairs’ reach and impact through staffing, resources and grant-making. Faith has been a staunch and vocal ally for the entire LGBTQIA+ community. She is a real collaborator and she is very effective at achieving lasting, impactful results.  She inspires me to think more broadly about innovative ways to support everyone, from the most privileged to the most marginalized.

Faith is a true public servant.  There is an authenticity about her that is rare in DC. Faith Gibson Hubbard has my enthusiastic support to be the next Councilmember representing Ward 5, and one who will think inclusively about all of our city’s diverse communities.

Sheila Alexander – Reid

Neighbors and Friends:

I feel so very honored by Sheila Alexander-Reid’s endorsement. When former colleagues remember your efforts, your results and the way you worked to get things accomplished, it is gratifying. I have always been that person who has worked quietly out of the spotlight, focused on solving problems, making things better, while thinking about innovation, the bigger picture and the long game. Being able to work with dedicated colleagues like Sheila gave me that added inspiration to keep going.

Sheila Alexander-Reid has been a highly impactful leader in the LGBTQIA+ community, both locally and nationally, and she has been a champion for marginalized communities as a whole. It was a great pleasure and privilege to work with her and I look forward to continuing our relationship as collaborators, community activists and public servants.

Thank you, Sheila!

In partnership,

Faith Gibson Hubbard

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