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Ward 5 Neighbors and Friends,

Today, I endorsed Faith Gibson Hubbard to represent Ward 5 on the Council of the District of Columbia.  I’ve been honored to represent Ward 5 for the last 10 years and now residents have the opportunity to determine who will continue to build on all that we have accomplished together, like building new schools, libraries, and recreation centers. Together, we have delivered on our shared vision to bring community oriented economic development that created new jobs, new neighborhood-serving retail, new shops and restaurants to communities across Ward 5. The coalition that we built is a reflection of the beautiful diversity that makes Ward 5 a place where we are proud to live, work, play, and raise our families.

I met Faith more than a decade ago when she led the effort to revive the Ward 5 Education Council. Over the years since we first met, Faith has worked to improve education for students and parents in our public schools. She’s worked tirelessly to improve maternal health for moms and children in underserved neighborhoods. She has helped lead the District’s response to COVID-19 and she even managed to earn her PhD. along the way. Despite juggling the responsibilities of being a working mom and wife, responsibilities many women know all too well, she never once stopped working to improve the quality of life for residents in Ward 5 and throughout the District of Columbia.

There is only one person in this race who has the experience, the integrity, and the demonstrated commitment to our community to keep Ward 5 moving forward, and that person is Faith Gibson Hubbard. Faith has been serving and leading in our communities for nearly a dozen years, in roles inside and outside of our government. She has a proven track record of bringing people together to address difficult issues, like gun violence and public safety, traffic safety, environmental justice, and more. She has done this as a neighbor, the President of the Ward Five Council on Education, the Chief Student Advocate, the Executive Director of Thrive by Five and as the Director of the Mayor’s Office of Community Affairs.

As a fourth generation, native Washingtonian, born and raised in Ward 5, I am asking you to support Faith Gibson Hubbard to represent us on the Council. All of DC will benefit from her thoughtful, community-centered leadership on the Council.


Councilmember Kenyan McDuffie

1. Look for your ballot in the mail and vote for Faith Gibson Hubbard for Ward 5 DC Council – she is #6 on the ballot. Drop you ballot in a drop box starting on May 27th.
2. Volunteer to help spread the word. A few hours a week between now and June 21st will make a big difference.
3. Make a donation to her campaign. She and her team will be working hard up until the democratic primary to provide information, distribute yard signs, and meet with neighbors about our most pressing issues. Every dollar will be used to spread the word all over the ward. Donations from DC residents will be matched 5-to-1.
4. Request a yard sign and put it in your front yard or apartment window.

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Brian McNamee, Treasurer
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