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My friend, Faith, understands community. She not only has been part of my personal community for years as a friend, she also has been working in the city we share and in the Ward we love for years on issues that mean everything to me: educational equity and maternal health.

Faith has fought for students and parents, from her work as a middle school teacher, to leader of the Ward 5 Council on Education, to the city’s first Chief Student Advocate for the District, establishing and leading DC’s Office of the Student Advocate. She ran the city’s Thrive By Five office when my son was in daycare here, and she helped me set up a visit with city officials about gun violence prevention after the daycare window took a bullet.

Five years ago, I almost died after giving birth to my son in a DC hospital. When I was finally ready to testify about that nightmare two years later, Faith was right there with my husband and me in the Council chamber, supporting us as she planned the city’s next National Maternal & Infant Health Summit to talk about the very issues that almost ended my life.

When Faith called to tell me she was running for the Ward 5 seat on DC Council, my heart soared. Finally, a candidate who will fight for Ward 5 and for my family. Faith understands community because she understands how to connect deeply with — and how to fight for — everyone in Ward 5. Just like me, she is a mother, a professional, and a community builder. I am thrilled to endorse Faith to represent me in the DC Council, and I hope you will join me by donating at faithforward5.org or voting for Faith Gibson Hubbard in June.

– Dorie Turner Nolt

Neighbors and Friends:

I am thrilled to be supported by Dorie Turner Nolt. She is a well-known fixture in the Bloomingdale community, as a dedicated DCPS mom and community leader, as well as an accomplished communications professional and entrepreneur. We came together around our shared interests in maternal and infant health and education, and have remained colleagues and friends ever since.

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