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February 23, 2022  – Washington, DC

I am excited to announce my support for Faith Gibson Hubbard for the Ward 5 seat on the DC Council. I believe Faith is the best candidate to serve Ward 5 residents because I know what she has accomplished, as a grassroots advocate, and in the DC Government, for more than ten years; and I know she’ll work hard to move our ward forward.

Faith Gibson Hubbard is the candidate with the most experience and knowledge about public education, and I know she is deeply connected to the issues that education impacts, such as violence prevention, work and business opportunities, and affordable housing, among other issues.

When I served as an At-large Councilmember, and chaired the Committee on Education, Faith and I worked very closely. I first met Faith when she was doing grassroots advocacy in Ward 5. She was president of the Ward Five Council for Education, advocating for Ward 5 schools and quality feeder patterns. In her role as the Chief Student Advocate, she brought important insights to the Council’s policy making. She kept us informed on issues such as families’ access to public education; and she brought needed attention to issues of safe passage for students, increased access and equity in special education services, overhauling our student discipline policy, truancy, equitable funding for school facilities and increasing parent and student voice in public education decision-making.

I also had the opportunity to work with Faith on infant and maternal health when she served as the Executive Director of Thrive by Five. She was extremely passionate about making sure that there are stronger connections between birth, early learning and our children’s readiness to thrive upon entering Kindergarten. Her years of work in that role paved the way for many innovations, like our city’s newest initiative, Strong Families, Strong Futures DC, which provides $900 in monthly payments for vulnerable expectant mothers, to ensure that they can deliver healthy babies and give them a strong start in life.

Faith’s deep working relationships with elected officials, government decision-makers, community leaders and small business owners, positions her to bring opportunities and resources to the residents of Ward 5, and D.C. residents as a whole. None of the other candidates have that depth of experience and knowledge of our government systems.

As a long-time Ward 5 resident, I urge you to join me in supporting Faith Gibson Hubbard as the next Ward 5 representative on the DC Council. Whether you live in Ward 5 or other parts of the city, supporting the strongest candidate strengthens the overall work of the Council, for the benefit of residents across the city.

In addition to your vote, you can support her by making a donation to her campaign TODAY, telling your friends and neighbors about her campaign, and urging them to support and vote for her as well.

Let’s make sure she gets the votes she needs to win in the June 21st Democratic Primary.

David P. Grosso

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