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Dear Neighbors,

Today, I am proud to endorse Faith Gibson Hubbard for Ward 5 Councilmember. I had not planned on getting involved in campaigns this year, but the stakes are too high. The challenges on our road to recovery underscore DC’s need for leaders who have a commonsense approach to policy making, embrace a collaborative working style, and possess a tireless commitment to uplifting those often overlooked. My friend, Faith, has all of those qualities and so much more.

I first met Faith when I was a staffer for the DC Council. She was leading the Ward Five Council on Education, organizing neighbors in support of public schools in the community, and also on the Board of the DC Public Library. Later, Faith agreed to serve on the Advisory Committee organized by the Deputy Mayor for Education to review and redraw the DCPS school boundaries for the first time in nearly 50 years.

I sat in on many of those community conversations, which were tense, as the data-driven process had to also confront DC’s fraught history with race, class, perception, and privilege. I was impressed by Faith’s fair-minded and thoughtful approach to the work, her desire to craft equitable solutions and build consensus.  That is the Faith I know and the Faith who will honorably serve Ward 5.

Faith understands the job. She knows what it takes to be an effective policy maker, but she cannot get to the DC Council alone. Just as I did when I ran, Faith is participating DC’s Fair Elections program, which aims to get big money out of campaigns by providing matching funds for small donor contributions. Any contribution from DC donors will be matched 5-to-1. Join me in making a $25 or $50 contribution to support her candidacy.

If you’re unable to give at this time, perhaps you can give some of your time by hosting a meet and greet, or helping Faith get signatures to get on the ballot. Sign-up here for more information.

In terms of what I hope for in a future colleague – more important than having someone who agrees with me 100% of the time, is having someone who will do their independent research, engage in meaningful dialogue & debate, and be open to innovative ideas and solutions. I know that Faith can deliver for residents of Ward 5 and the District as a whole.

The stakes are too high so don’t sit this one out – join me in support of Faith Gibson Hubbard for Ward 5 Councilmember.



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